Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It must be Monday!!!

I know it was Monday when I receive a ton of useless forwards from people that I used to know. These are people that I partied with and went to school with a hundred years ago. I wouldn't mind if they actually stayed in touch with me and carried out an intelligent conversation once in a while but none of them do. As it stands I have about 4 such people that fall into that category.
The emails that I really hate are the epic friggin' ones that read like a Margaret Mitchell novel. I don't have time for this crap. I pay my bills with what little money I make selling my leather goods over the Internet. Who's got time to read them all? Not me.

It really ticks me off actually. This one friend, or should I say, high school buddy of mine, only sends me useless garbage when she is at work.

My high school friend contacted me three years ago through "Classmates" website. She was permitted to send one conversation to me without giving any details. I wasn't about to sign up for an account, but through a little investigation, I located her. One afternoon I called her home to say hi. She was shocked, to say the least, and our chat on the phone was awkward as hell. She couldn't get me off the phone fast enough, in my opinion, so why the hell did she contact me. Anyway, I gave her my email address and told her if she wanted to catch up and chat about old times drop me a line. I discovered that over the years she had changed - and not in a good way.

Essentially, we weren't saying too much and our conversation was strained. Over time our chats turned into forwards of all types; jokes, poems, do you know me - kind of questionnaires where you fill in the blank about yourself and forward it back to them. I didn't care much for them, but did them anyway.
The one thing I could count on her was that she never contacted to me on the weekends. If I were in a coma for a month and returned to my computer I would know what day it was by the number of emails I received from her. My email inbox on Monday morning had no less than a dozen forwards from her office. It bothered the hell out of me, but I continued to return them, being the person I am. John, my husband, was getting irritated about it, too. But since she was my friend he accepted it.

I think what really irks me is that I am self employed and work pretty much all day until I go to bed. I take breaks, as brief as they are, and return to the grindstone. My friend, who gets paid regardless of how little work she does, uses the company's computer and time to send these stupid and irritating forwards.

One acquaintance sent a questionnaire to me and one of the questions was, "who might reply to this email?" I replied, "Only my friends at work." She sent back an email calling me cheeky and used her personal email address at work instead of her work email address. Like that's going to make a difference. She's still sending them from work.
I know I should have said something a long time ago, but figured that eventually they would stop... No!! I know I used to forward them, now I don't.
I can only imagine the amount of time these folks spend sending useless emails back and forth to friends and other departments for a quick chuckle. No wonder businesses are going under..., everyone is sending emails and no-ones doing any work. Then they have the audacity to complain that they not making enough frigging money. Shite!!! hire me. I'll get it done.

Well, my dear husband had enough of it and asked me, "Would you mind if I reply to one of her forwards? I said. "Sure." He wasn't taking any hostages. @_@
He replied to her next forward and wrote, "I can always tell when you are at work because it is the only time Anne gets emails from you." I started to laugh. Get out!! You didn't. Apparently he did. To my great surprise she replied by stating, " I don't have a computer at home." BULL Shite!! She has three teens in her home and they are going to University ... I find that very difficult to swallow.
Anyway, I figured that was the end of her..., not so. The following week she was back to her old tricks. I did however solve the problem. Click delete!!!

This venting thing is very therapeutic!

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