Monday, August 3, 2009

God! Take away the pain!

Last night I was in extreme agony. It was the worst night ever. I lay in bed watching the clock move slowly into each hour as my throat and mouth throbbed with pain.

About four weeks ago, I had some pain in my lower back molars. Having had unpleasant experiences with dentist for some time I was reticent to make an appointment to have it looked at.
I know I shouldn't have but I took some erythromycin I had left over from a previous time. I figured the dentist was going to prescribe the same thing to me anyway so why not start now and work on any infection just in case.

The pain started to subside a tad but when I ran out of antibiotics it started up again. A week later the pain was unbearable. Now I was into my second week of pain and was encouraged by my husband to make an appointment with the dentist.

I made the appointment and the first thing out of this young dentists mouth was, "you have a large cavity in the back molar under an existing filling, you have an abscess under the second last molar and the one ahead of that is loose. Wonderful!!! I thought more work on my teeth. As he described it, "You are going to need a root canal and the cavity filled again." Jesus!! if they had cleared the cavity the first time I wouldn't be needing a new filling and why the hell would I want a root canal on a tooth that is mostly filing and probably going to fall out in a year. And what about the loose tooth..., what the heck was he thinking about doing to that one.

I made the executive decision to have them extracted. I think I poopoo'd his day. Here I was in excruciating pain and all he wanted to do was re-work teeth that were decaying in my face. WTF!!!! Once my decision was made it was like..., oh well, here is a prescription for antibiotics... there you go. I had to ask him when he was planning to extract them. The secretary slotted me in for a week later. Another GD week of this!! Are you out of your mind? I can't take it now and they offer a week from then!! You have got to be shitting me. Was I not in enough pain to warrant an extraction right then and there.... I don't know the critieria but..., guess not!!!

The following week was sheer hell!! The pain never subsided and the antibiotics were making me physically sick. I was downing ibuprofen 3 and 4 pills at a time every two hours. I can't talk codeine because I had a stroke like reaction when combined with clindamycin (another antibiotic) the year before. When my appointment arrived I was very apprehensive about the pain. Here I was three weeks with toe curlying pain and now he was going to inflict more.., oh God!!
It took 6 needles to freeze my mouth. The first extraction just missed sliding down my trechia but his assistant acted quickly and snatched it up with her suction hose. I required stitches when he was finished. Oh fun or joy!! The freezing was the most comfort I had experienced for the three week duration. I advised that dentist that the clindamycin was upsetting my stomach so he replaced it W/ erythromycin. Three days after the extractions the pain had worsened. I was climbing the walls. Air in my mouth sent an electric joult to every nerve on my face. There was no relief.

It was Friday and my DH suggested I drop in to see the dentist about the pain. Apparently I had developed dry socket and the dentist subsequently needed to force medicated packing, between the stitches, to alleviate the pain. It work for a day and then the pain came back..., this time with a vengeance. I couldn't think or do anything. The pain immobilized me to a halt. I had crying spells and anger fits. Nothing helped me through the suffering.

I was getting concerned that I might be developing an allergic reaction to the meds as my throat started to close and it was hard to swallow and I was getting dizzy, something the dentist suggested to be my emotions taking over..., bull Sh...t!! I hadn't eaten anything solid in five days, the neighbours were up partying until the wee hours of the night and someones freakin dog was constantly barking adding to my anguish. I am entering my fouth week of this. Will it ever end...? God I hope so!!
Please say a prayer for me. I have said one for my friend, Diana who is also battling health problems.

Anne ^i^

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  1. Oh Anne! I'm so sorry you're having such a difficult time. Maybe it would be better not to wait and go to the hospital and ask to see the dentist on call.

    Just look at your symptoms - severe pain that won't subside at all with Ibuprofen or medicated packing and you haven't eaten for 5 days so you're probably dehydrated.

    You're not sleeping, you're concerned about possibly having an allergic reaction to the prescribed antibiotic, you're throat feels swollen and you're having difficulty swalowing. An allergic reaction to a medication is reason enough to visit the hospital especially after your previous episode.

    You don't want the abscess (infection) to spread. Please seek a second medical opinion. If you don't want to go to the hospital then search the yellow pages for emergency dental treatment.

    You're too precious to me and I don't like to see you suffering. Continue to gargle with salt water and take the prescribed antibiotic until you consult a doctor/dentist. Please don't wait too long to seek out other options/medical help.

    An abscessed tooth can be very painful but please don't wait too long. I worry about you.

    Love and hugssss,
    Your big sister, Susan xo